Video 1

“Why Your Life & Faith Depend on Biblical Health”

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    Connie Lacelle says:

    THAT was AWESOME! So riveting I had to stop work (on the LFHL) and LISTEN. In fact, I am going to go immediately to my e-mail and forward the link to everyone I can think of! Kudos!!!

    Reply by Dr. Jeff

    Thanks so much, Connie. That’s what we need, excited people spreading the word! Please keep it up!! We’ll work hard producing more teachings, and you keep pointing people this way.

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    Sally says:


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    Tom Chaffer says:

    Wow! I’m loving this new network! May all your hurdles be swiftly cleared and this network get out WIDELY to everyone concerned about their health – especially to believers in Jesus! Shalom!

    Reply by Chaim Goldman

    Thanks Tom, we are working hard to make it just what the Body of Messiah needs, a kick in the tush! ;-)

  4. 4. says:

    Very good info.

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    Jo says:

    Bravo! PTL. As a person who is trying to spread the news. I have found it very difficult to spread the health message to the body of Christ. (do not touch my food) is the response. grace, grace, grace. Keep up the good work. Unfortunately, no one I know would be interested in spending money to learn about health they would prefer to go to there doctor, take there meds. This saddens me. but it is the sad truth. The Church of Jesus Christ is so blinded. I am personally frustrated.

    Reply by Dr. Jeff

    Hi Jo. Keep learning yourself and don’t give up on people you know. And do not think you need to only tell people about BiblicalHealth.TV who might spend money to learn. This video is free, right? ;-) And we will continue to provide free content, even better than with WellWithU. Don’t be frustrated, just keep the faith, and keep sharing the truth!!

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    Jenny Webster says:

    Hallelujah that there will be Biblical Health TV! I applaud you for starting this! It will be lifechanging! I started out as a client and then client and ScanAssist and have found it hard to get the word out to believers in the body of Messiah. Many prefer to make their doctors in charge of their health instead of themselves and would prefer taking medication instead of being proactive and changing their lifestyle through diet and exercise. Thank you!

    Reply by Dr. Jeff

    Yes, it is hard, but so worth it! Just keep telling others about what we are doing here, you never know what will happen….

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    Ken says:

    This is great…I say the same thing to my clients and others since I became a Vegan 2 years ago & I have seen so much clearly each week. Our society has been dumbed down eating acid low frequency foods and drinks which takes away from spirituality. The Bible says people perish from lack of knowledge. As a health coach I seen several people die in front of me or gain weight or other issues because they run from the truth. I tell them that your organs decide is something is good or bad for it..whether it tastes good or not you can’t trick the temple. So in my opinion as a fitness trainer and health coach, I tell people you suppose to be fat, your suppose to be unhealthy…your doing everything to support that..How can something made in a lab be good for you….ok let me start rambling…Good Job…Man

    Reply by Dr. Jeff

    Yes, it’s sad how sick so many people are, and it’s going to keep getting worse. We started BHtv to be a light in the darkness. Thanks for sharing the light with you clients and others in your circle of influence. We can make a difference, one person, one family, one church, one community at a time. Send’em this way! Thanks Ken for the encouragement.

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    Donna Troudt says:

    I am really excited about the Biblical Health TV I think it is a grand idea. I will share this link with others and I also intend to invite some folks who do not have the equipment to view this wonderful information as I did with your first webinar. This is too good to hide under a bushel or to keep to ourselves. Keep up the Great Work you are doing!

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    patricia babb says:

    I am a believer

    Reply by Chaim Goldman

    In “Biblical Health TV”, or just in general? ;-)

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    Lee Kostiw says:

    I enjoyed the video. My husband and I have been following the Biblical health for a couple of years. It’s a work in progress just like our walk in following the scriptures and obeying Torah.

    Have yoou ever studied into the use of essential oils. That is also scriptural. We also use them for our health and wellbeing. We look forward to your teachings and programs.

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    David Richards says:

    Nice channel, is it going to be available for streaming to tv on the Roku?

    Reply by Chaim Goldman

    Thanks David, it will be available through a special membership site. Stay tuned for more details! ;-)

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    Cheryl Anderson says:

    Excellent information. I see so many people eating processed, packaged garbage, and unclean food and then wonder why they have aches, inflammation, chronic fatigue, IB, acid reflux and the list goes on.

    As a holistic nutritionist, I am always trying to inform people on the deceit of the media, drug companies but so many people view these outlets as their ‘god’. The Dr knows everything, the dr. says etc.
    I recently watched helplessly as my father passed away, a victim of the medical mafia. Given lots of drugs for blood pressure, breathing problems, heart failure til there was no more options beside open heart surgery. Years of eating margarine, white sugar, white flour took its tole. Would he ever listen to me on how to eat properly, to eat clean……NO!

    David Suzuki recently did a show aired here in Canada on obesity and it being caused by chemicals disrupting our metabolism and causing obesity. It is probably available on his website or CBC. The show is called The Nature of Things

    I pray that many people will be reached and their health is turned around the way Yahweh intended it to be.

    Reply by Dr. Jeff

    Thanks Cheryl, sounds like you are on the front-lines too! Are you interested in contributing content to our little global project? You can write us privately at to discuss further. Keep fighting the good fight!!

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    Donna says:

    Thanks my friend Marsha for letting me know about this…

    Reply by Dr. Jeff

    Thanks Marsha!! ;-)

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    Park Eddy says:

    Very needed – The Church is silent in regards to diet and nutrition.
    The Church is to tired, sick and drugged it can’t do his work. Do you have outlines that can be used to introduce to churches?

    Awesome Work

    Reply by Chaim Goldman

    Thank you for the encouragement. What do you mean by “outlines”? You mean promotional materials? How about sending them to this free video content? ;-) Please let us know specifically what you are asking.

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    Ofi Cave says:

    Great Job. I will forward to all on my email list. Hope they all join.

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    Brenda Jefferson says:

    I am so thankful for this venue. It is fantastic. Regular television has nothing to offer as insightful as this. I’d much rather watch Biblical Health TV than regular TV. May God continue to bless your endeavors. I’m so glad to be a part.

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    Sylvie says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing with us. The Christian world and the non-believers must know about that. Keep up the good work!God bless you and your team.

    Reply by Dr. Jeff

    Thank you, Sylvie. Please spread the word.

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    Romy says:

    Very bold and so true.Can only share and pray for people to be open to SEE.
    God bless you and all at WellwithU

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    Aime says:

    AWESOME Truths – may “The Church” come to realize that we need to be the voice of ALL truth found in scripture & not simply avoid those things that don’t gratify the fleshly desires just like the rest of the world does. We are HIS temple – what a joy & blessing to care for it so HE may live in us fully & rock this world we live in.

    Reply by Dr. Jeff

    Amen Amie!

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    Alexi Bracey says:

    What an awesome and oh so truthful video about Big Pharma. There is no money to be made with healthy people. The world and Church are so corrupt and it is up to the set apart to spread truth. Many thanks and blessings Dr Jeff.

    Reply by Dr. Jeff

    Thanks Alexi, my first official teaching when we launch BHtv is going to expose these evil men big-time! Stay tuned (and keep us in prayer)!!

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    Keith Needham says:

    This Biblical Health.TV is just what the Doctor ordered, I mean, just what Yeshua ( Jesus ) ordered, Happy to hear about it. Praises, Thank you.

    Reply by Dr. Jeff

    Hey Keith, as long as a lot of people “order” it, we’ll be around for a long time! Glad we have been a blessing, keep telling others. Thanks, Dr. Jeff

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    Keith Needham says:

    My 2nd comment, it’s been about 3 months since I have truly learned of this way, my weight is dropping & I’m off of 19 pills a day & 3 inhalers. Thank you to my friends who have shared the truth about foods & exercise.

    Reply by Chaim Goldman

    Wow Keith, Babylon had you in its pharmakia grip, huh? Praise the Almighty that you are now free. We are blessed be a resource for you on this journey.

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    Fran Caserta says:

    Thank You Dr. Hazim. My wife and I woke up after 1AM and listened to your first videos. I am currently studying with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with the hope of being a Health Coach. I am grateful for your new Biblical Health Television. I will utilize it in the future to strengthen me in body, soul and spirit.

    Reply by Dr. Jeff

    Great Fran! Maybe you can be one of our experts some day. Up at 1am? You and Chaim will be perfect to work together! ;-)

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    Cynthia Johnson says:

    I’ve been praying for this and it is a godsend, to finally receive some straight biblical answers for my health issues. I am suffering through a serious illness. But now I feel so inspired, I’m telling everyone in my congregation and my prayer group about this channel. Thank you Dr. Jeff

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    Clarissa Turner says:

    Peace and blessings to my Biblical Health Tv Family!
    I am really loving this site and I believe that it ties together to my newsletter!
    I would love to interview some of the cast members from for my newsletter, as I invite many of you to support my newsletter because I would like for the staff to have a column within my newsletter on a bi-monthly basis!